In the last months several new companies have joined BIX

13 July 2020 | Quite a few Hungarian and one Bosnian-Herzegovinian company joined BIX
We welcome our new members:
  • Logosoft is an important telecom-, hosting- and cloud solution provider from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Joined BIX remotely through our BIXViP reseller program with 4G, Open/Free peering category, AS number: AS16178.
  • MediaCenter Kft. is a Kecskemét based Hungarian hosting and domain service provider, joined BIX on 1G, Open/Free peering category, AS44460
  • Microsystem-Kecskemét Kft. is also a Kecskemét based internet service provider, joined on 1G, Open/Free peering category, AS197889.
  • Mikroháló Kft. is a Budapest based internet- and data communication provider, connected on 1G, Open/Free peering category, AS199235
  • Tarhely.EU is also a Budapest based Hungarian hosting and domain provider, joined BIX on 10 G, Open/Free peering category, AS43359.
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