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BIX – a Carrier Neutral Internet Exchange 

BIX Budapest provides the perfect peering location for Central European and Balkans based service providers.


Why to connect?

  • You may peer for free for any of the providers on the list in ‘Open/Free’ peering category through the BIX route servers. See full member list here.

  • Peer with key global cloud players in Budapest: Amazon, Cloudflare, Google, Microsoft and major international carriers: TTI, RETN, China Telecom, Swisscom, A1 Telekom Austria AG,Colt Technology Services GmbH, etc.

  • Local peering with major Estern- and South-Estern European providers: BH Telecom Sarajevo, Internet CZ, Omonia (Croatia), Romtelecom, UGNI, T2 d.o.o. (Slovenia), Türk Telecom International and others.

  • Local peering with all the large Hungarian telecoms: Digi, Invitech, Magyar Telekom, MVM NET, Telenor, Vodafone and many others.

  • You are free to agree with any other BIX member to exchange traffic privately through your BIX connection.

  • Connect remotely through value added international resellers: MVM NET, RETN. They provide the opportunity for a remote but of full value BIX membership without presence in Budapest.

  • Distributed architecture over sevreal datacenters, with redundant interconnections.


Want to connect? 

Write us to: info@bix.hu


BIX services

You can connect to BIX on 10G and 100G ports at decent prices. We help building the connection with various additional services. Details

Technical information

BIX consists of 3 PoPs in Budapest, and 1 in Vienna. The PoPs are based on Arista DCS-7280R3 switches, that  are distributed in a spine leaf architecture through the most important 3 Data Centres in Hungary and 1 in Vienna. They are interconnected through a redundant optical backbone, using 400G and nx100G bandwidths. The sites are: Invitech DC10, T-Systems Cloud and Datacenter Budapest (former Dataplex), Victor Hugo street Datacenters and Interxion Vienna.

Technical details.

IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes at BIX


Other information

BIX (Budapest Internet Exchange) was established in 1995 by the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (ISZT). The main goal is to exchange Hungarian internet traffic and provide access solution for regional Internet providers to the Hungarian Internet traffic, and each others. The Council’s members are several internet providers so BIX is a provider-neutral internet exchange that serves the interest of the whole internet community.

For furter info please write to: info@bix.hu




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