Price cut and amended BIX General Terms and Conditions as of January 1, 2021

17 December 2020 | The fees of some ports have been cut while BIX GTC has been amended.


Price changes as of January 1, 2021:

  • The fees of the 4G and 10G ports have been cut!

  • A new item in the price list is the 40G port fee (we offer this service on 100G ports)

  • The services 80G, 90G, and 100G offered on 10G ports have been eliminated

  • A new item in the price list: Endpoint of optical patchcord in BIX optical distribution board without termination (place reservation for 12 monomode fiber)

  • Due to the currency rate changes the prices in Euro have been adjusted.

The fees are listed here.


GTC amendments

  • We added clarifications to the conditions of the Open/Free peering category (BIX Charter, paragraph 4. a)

  • BIX SLA has been defined (BIX Charter, new pargraph 8.)

  • Former pargraph 8. has been modified (now paragraph 9.)

  • In order to maintain the smooth operation of BIX services, the obligations of BIX members regarding the utilization of BIX ports have been expanded. New 16. a) paragraph:

    • 'to provide free capacity at their BIX peering ports for the smooth operation. In the event that the port utilization exceeds 80%, if the BIX member does not eliminate the overload at the request of the BIX Operator, the BIX Operator may suspend the BIX route server services until the problem is resolved.'

  • Imposing an obligation regarding for BIX members. New 16. b) pargraph:

    • 'to continuously publish and update its peering and contact details on'

BIX GTC as of January 1, 2021 is published here.

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