The migration of BIX to the new Arista platform has been completed

17 March 2022 | The transition was successful, now everything is faster and better

Dear BIX Members!

On March 9, we have migrated the last BIX partner to the new platform; and on March 10th we powered down the last element of the old architecture, completing the migration of BIX to the new Arista-based platform.

The new platform has allowed us to quadruple the capacity of our backbone network.

The EVPN-based spine-leaf architecture is compliant with with the currently accepted industry standard.

It provides more complete redundancy and more accurate load balancing on the backbone network than ever before.

The modern devices consume much less power than the devices used so far and have the potential to serve much more 100G customers. 

The change has enabled the introduction of the 25G port service and we hope to enable the introduction of additional new services.

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