BIX, the helping mate

20 July 2023 | ISZT will sponsor and assist in the raising and training of a guide dog (hence his name is BIX)

The Hungarian Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (ISZT), as the owner and operator of Budapest Internet Exchange (BIX), and the Barathegyi Guide Dog School Hungary Foundation agreed in June 2023 that ISZT will sponsor the raising and training of a guide (or assistance) dog to help a fellow Hungarian citizen to live a more complete life.

ISZT is committed to social responsibility and supports with 500,000 HUF the raising and training of the assistance dog (which is around 5M HUF) and hereby encourage all members and partners to join the initiative.

As a result of the close cooperation between the Foundation and ISZT, the ISZT follows the development of the dog from his date of birth, reports on its training and gives the opportunity to the supporters and interested people to meet the staff of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School and the growing assistance dog, named "BIX".    

BIX is a Labrador Retriever puppy born in May 2023. After the first weeks, he was placed in "foster care", where he will be socialised until he is one year old. During spring 2024, he will be moved to his trainer, who will train him for six months and then will be educating together with his future owner via joint training sessions. He is expected to take a final exam with his handicapped owner in early 2025 and will then become an inseparable companion to a blind or other severely handicapped person.

For the first time, on 11-12 October 2023, sponsors and interested parties will have the opportunity to meet BIX at the first Hungarian HUNOG (Hungarian Network Operator Group) conference ( organised by ISZT.

Applications from interested parties and supporters are warmly welcome at

We encourage everyone to take the advantage of this opportunity and help, so we can to help together!


Thank You and Best Regards:


Council of Hungarian Internet Providers and

Barathegyi Guide Dog School Hungary Foundation


17th June, 2023, Budapest

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