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BIX Enhancements in first half of 2014

The Council of Hungarian Internet Providers General Meeting approved the BIX upgrade plans for 2014.

We will install new networking equipments at the Victor Hugo street and Dataplex locations in the first half of 2014, with these equipments we will introduce the new high speed interfaces. (40G and 100G Ethernet ports.) The backbone capacity between these locations will be upgraded from 80G to 2x100G.

In the second phase of these enhancements we will upgrade the networking equipments at the Dataneum location too.

The secondary (#2) BIX route server also will be replaced to a new Linux / Bird based system.


The BIX charter have been updated, and available for download from the Documents in pdf version.


BIX Looking Glass enhancements

The BIX Looking Glass now supports the new Bird based Route Server #1.


BIX route server upgrades

The primary (#1) BIX route server replacement finised to one new Linux / Bird based system, with the following useful features for the BIX members:

- Support of 32-bit AS numbers
- The BIX AS number now transparent, and don't appended to the AS-PATH
- More precise prefix filtering based on RIPE database



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