BIX peering

You can connect to BIX on 10G and 100G ports at decent prices


Why to connect?

  • You may peer for free for any of the providers on the list in ‘Open’ peering category through the BIX route servers. See full member list here.

  • Peer with key global cloud players in Budapest: Amazon, Cloudflare, Google, Microsoft and major international carriers: TTI, RETN, Orange.

  • Local peering with major Estern- and South-Estern European providers: BH Telecom Sarajevo, Internet CZ, Omonia (Croatia), RDS (Romania), Romtelecom, UGNI, T2 d.o.o. (Slovenia), Türk Telecom International and others.

  • Local peering with all the large Hungarian telecoms: Digi, Invitech, Magyar Telecom, MVM NET, Telenor, Vodafone and many others.

  • You are free to agree with any other BIX member to exchange traffic privately through your BIX connection.


The peering categories are defined in the BIX GTC/BIX Charter, paragraph 4. The key points are:

a) Open/Free peering: Unlimited and mutually free peering with other BIX members. Members who meet the following rules at all times are eligible for the Open/Free peering category discount:

I. BIX member shall use the BIX Route servers.   

II. Undertakes to exchange traffic at least through the BIX Route Servers with any other BIX member in the Open/Free peering category that:

i. has a LIR service in Hungary. (This can be verified at the following address: and

ii. possesses Hungarian tax number.

III. It is not mandatory to exchange traffic between two Open/Free peering BIX members if the BIX members mutually agree on this.

IV. If any BIX member is requested by another BIX member (regardless of category) to provide free peering within Hungary, then the BIX member shall be obliged to comply, except that:

i. the BIX member is not obliged to peer through its own BIX with any user of its own IP-Transit service, or              

ii. the BIX member is not obliged to peer through its own BIX with members  whom it has a private peering connection with.

iii. A BIX member is not bound to exchange traffic with BIX members whose BIX connection is overloaded or technically defective.

If the BIX Member does not meet the above conditions or rejects a request in accordance with point IV. above, the BIX member will no longer be entitled to the discounted fee of the Open/Free peering category and will automatically be reclassified to the Selective peering category.

b) Selective peering: peering with other BIX members based on request of the other BIX member using a case-by-case decision.

c) Restrictive peering: The BIX member would not like to receive peering requests, peering with other BIX members only by own initiative.

IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes at BIX


Want to connect?

Write us to:


Pricing model

The price consists of a yearly basic fee and a monthly port fee

You can find the service fees in the BIX Fees list.


Where to connect?

BIX consists of 3 PoPs in Budapest, and 1 in Vienna. The PoPs are based on Arista DCS-7280R3 switches, that  are distributed in a spine leaf architecture through the most important 3 Data Centres in Hungary and 1 in Vienna. They are interconnected through a redundant optical backbone, using 400G and nx100G bandwidths. The sites are: Invitech DC10, T-Systems Cloud and Datacenter Budapest (former Dataplex), Victor Hugo street Datacenters and Interxion Vienna.

  • Invitech DC10 (former Dataneum)

  • T-Systems Cloud and Datacenter Budapest (former Dataplex)

  • Victor Hugo street Datacenters („BIX building”)

  • Interxion Vienna


Technical details.


You my also connect remotely through value added international resellers. They provide the opportunity for a remote but of full value BIX membership without presence in Budapest.

Our value added resellers: MVMnetRETN

Our BIX resseler program (BIXViP) is detailed here.


Additional Services

10G Ethernet data transmission
The purpose of the service: connecting two Layer 3 routers at different BIX sites with 10 Gbps, using BIX network devices and BIX data transmission capacity. Details

BIX passive wavelength service 
The purpose of the service: connecting two Layer 2 switches or Layer 3 routers at different BIX sites with Layer 1 wavelength connection, using the free wavelengths of the BIX backbone. Details

BIX Met-me Room service at Victor Hugo street site
The purpose of the service: to offer possibility for BIX members connect to other BIX members using our Optical Distribution Frame (ODF). Details


BIX colocation service
The purpose of the service: to offer a special collocation service for BIX users.  The available rack space for one BIX user is maximum 2 rack units with maximum 150 Watts power capacity. Details


For forther information, please contact us at:

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