10G Ethernet data transmission

The purpose of the service: connecting two Layer 3 routers at different BIX sites with 10 Gbps, using BIX network devices and BIX data transmission capacity.

Technical requirements for using the BIX point to point services:

The service is not intended to link Layer2 switches between two different sites.

Regulations for a point to point 10Gbps serviceOnly Ethernet based data transfer is supported.

  1. The available Ethernet interfaces types are:
    • On the Victor Hugo utca site: 10Gbase-LR or 10Gbase-SR
    • On the Dataplex site: 10Gbase-LR
    • on the Dataneum site: 10Gbase-LR
  2. Optionally it is possible to connect multiple 10Gbps ports with LACP LAG (Link Aggregation Group)
  3. The point to point 10Gbps service is not transparent for Layer2 protocols. LACP, CDP, LLDP, STP and other Layer2 protocols are terminated by BIX devices.
  4. The 802.1q VLAN trunking and QoS settings are not supported on the interfaces.
  5. The use of the Spanning Tree protocol (STP) is not supported. The STP protocol must be disabled on the interfaces of the customer’s side.
  6. Maximum 10-10 MAC addresses can be used on both sides. If the MAC address limit is exceeded, the interface will be automatically disconnected by the BIX devices.
  7. Only 1 500 bytes Layer2 payload is supported for data transfer. (IP MTU).


You can find the service fees in the BIX Fees list amongst the Auxiliary services.

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