BIX passive wavelength service

The purpose of the service: connecting two Layer 2 switches or Layer 3 routers at different BIX sites with Layer 1 wavelength connection, using the free wavelengths of the BIX backbone.

Requirements for the BIX passive wavelength service:

  1. BIX provides only one wavelength between two sites on one optical fibre pair. The user is responsible for obtaining the appropriate active devices.
  2. Only the wavelengths appropriate for "ITU Grid C-Band 100 GHz Spacing" can be used. (1550nm band)
  3. The passive DWDM multiplexer and demultiplexer are provided by BIX as part of the service.
  4. The wavelength service does not provide protection. The typical troubleshooting time is 24 hrs.
  5. For redundant architecture BIX can provide two wavelengths on independent optical path, but implementation of a redundancy solution is the customer’s responsibility.
  6. We recommend that the colour 10GBase-DWDM 80km optical modules be used. With classical 1550 nm (ER / ZR) modules the service is not accessible.
  7. The available links and informative attenuations:
    • Victor Hugo site – Dataplex „A” path: 14 dBm
    • Victor Hugo site – Dataplex „B” path: 18 dBm
    • Victor Hugo site – Dataneum
    • Dataplex - Dataneum is available too, using the combination of i, ii, iii, iv options
  • The attenuations are informative, include the fibre damping and DWDM Mux / Demux damping.


You can find the service fees in the BIX Fees list amongst the Auxiliary services.

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