BIX VIP reseller program

The objective of the BIX Reseller Program (BIXViP) is to provide the services of Budapest Internet Exchange (BIX) on locations outside of Budapest with transparent conditions with help of contracted Reseller partners.


A BIX Resellers may connect their customers to the Budapest Internet Exchange (BIX) remotely. Such customers called Virtual BIX members become full BIX members.


Why become a BIX Reseller

  • Broaden your service service range by offering high quality remote connection to one of the largest internet exchange in Central-Eastern Europe

  • Offer flexible and scalable BIX services to your customers

  • Offer peer with industry leading international ASes (ie. Google and Microsoft)


Why connect remotely to BIX

  • Virtual BIX Members may have the same service quality as normal Members

  • Reseller Partners provide one-stop shop service: Resellers provide a range of access possibilities between Virtual Member’s PoP and BIX location and manage customer relationship. Virtual BIX Members have one invoice

  • No need for colocation and infrastructure at BIX for Virtual Members

  • Flexible and scalable speeds from 500Mbps to 10Gbps

  • Virtual BIX Member ASN presented at the Internet Exchange as if physical present

  • Reduce IP upstream costs and decrease latency

  • Peer with industry leading international ASes (ie. Google and Microsoft) over BIX Budapest


BIX fees for Resellers

Basic fee: HUF 120 000/year

Type of interface

Remuneration (HUF + VAT/month)

10 Gbit/sec

calculated capacity in Gbps x HUF 15 000
​(minimum HUF 150 000 /port)

100 Gbit/sec

calculated capacity in Gbps x HUF 8 400
(minimum HUF 420 000/port)

  • Prices are net, excluding VAT.

  • The unit of invoicing is 500 Mbit/sec.

  • In accordance with the BIX policy, the rates shall be invoiced with a 60% surcharge for each Virtual BIX member choosing Selective/Restrictive peering. The difference – if any – between the BIX capacity sold and the half of the maximum capacity shall be calculated without surcharge.


Please read the full Reseller Program here


The technical diagram of the BIX reseller network is this:




Our value added reseller partners:

MVMnet     RETN



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