BIX colocation service

The purpose of the service: to offer a special collocation service for BIX users. The available rack space for one BIX user is maximum 2 rack units with maximum 150 Watts power capacity.

With this service we would like to give the interested partners opportunity to terminate their long-distance optical connections with an active device; in a provider independent service area from which they can connect to BIX and other providers on the site.

The technical requirements for using the BIX MMR plus service:

  1. The method of connection:
    •  In a 19-inch rack cabinet provided by ISzT, using a one or two racks unit as agreed
    • One further unit may be rented for passive devices (typically for patch panel).
  2. BIX operator provides 240 V AC voltage supply, UPS or double UPS for the devices.
  3. A power load of maximum 150 Watts is permitted. We check the power consumption. It is not allowed to exceed the agreed capacity. It may lead to the termination of the service contract. There is no way to bill the overconsumption.
  4. Installing, deinstalling or periodic maintenance of devices is possible to be performed by the user or the user’s supplier under supervision of the BIX operator.
  5. For the remote management or remote restart of the devices, console server and remote switchable PSUs are available.


You can find the service fees in the BIX Fees list amongst the Auxiliary services.

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